Dry Verge Systems

We specialise in fitting the dry verge system for gable ends.

The dry verge system has the following benefits over mortar bedding.

  • Mechanically fixed to resist the highest wind forces likely to occur in the UK
  • Maintenance free
  • Allows all weather laying and fixing
  • Eliminates the problems associated with mortar
  • Quick and simple to lay and fix
  • Provides a consistent attractive finish

Dry Ridge Systems

RidgeFast is the fast and easy way to install a ventilated dry ridge. The unique system is designed to simply roll out along the ridge and is far quicker than mortar bedding.

Thanks to a unique fixing system RidgeFast can be used with all standard ridges, tiles and slates. The 6-metre roll is easily moulded to the shape of any tile or slate and the grey colour of the side flashing replicates a mortar finish.

It provides a minimum ventilated area of 5,000 sq.mm. per linear metre and is suitable for ventilating flat tiles. Specially designed blanking strips allow  RidgeFast to be used with ridge and gas vent terminals.

The dry fixing method offers considerable advantages, not only in the speed of installation, but also in long-term economy and safety.

Dry Valley Systems

We are specialist installers of Dry Valley Systems which are a completely dry fixed, mortar free alternative to lead valleys that give the appearance of a close cut roof. Made from durable GRP technology, the system  fast to install on roofs with a pitch of up to 60 degrees.

Eaves Protection Systems

We also specialise in fitting eave protection systems therefore ensuring that your roof stays leak free.

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