Roof Re-bedding & Pointing

Re-bedding is required when the sand and cement mortar (bedding) no longer bonds to the ridge tile which is due to neglect to the ridge pointing. The bedding becomes dis-bonded and brittle with constant weathering due to no protection from the outer pointing skin allowing the bedding to decay.  This makes it easier for the ridge tile to blow off in high winds causing more damage.

House Pointing & brick repairs

At Thompsons Roofing we offer a full house pointing and brick repair service. We can offer this service for small or large projects improving the appearance and safety of your property.

We can point the gaps in the mortar caused over time by weathering and brick pointing is the most effective way of restoring the condition and appearance of brick buildings.

If you can easily see open joints around the mortar bed, then it is time to think about re-pointing.

Why Choose Us?

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