roof1.jpgNEW ROOFS

Is your roof showing signs of missing or loose tiles, damaged flashing, blocked & damaged guttering, missing mortar, or crumbling chimney stacks?

Are your soffits, fascias or guttering showing signs of old age?

From refitting a single tile to a complete new roof, no job is too small. Call us now for a free, no obligation survey & quotation

All roofs show signs wear in time and will need attention if your home is to stay dry and secure, repairs will be needed in it's lifetime but if these are getting too frequent it may be time to consider having a complete new roof fitted.

Underlay or insulation may not have been fitted on older properties therefore a new roof would benefit from energy saving items as well as providing ventilation to meet modern standards.


Full new roofs from £2495.00. Includes all new battons and new breathable felt. Price based on semi-detached property approximately 20”x14”.

Next thing to a new roof is refelt and batton. This is the same process as a new roof, but with your old tiles. If your felt is getting dried up and cracked or you are getting damp on your walls, we will replace it all with new treated battons and new breathable felt and replace any broken tiles from as little as £1495. Price based on semi detached property, approximately 20”x14” per side.

  • Also new felt roofs
  • New grip fibre glass roofs
  • All types of roofwork



Your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make.

Your roof is there to protect your home from all the elements of weather.

All old roofs lack ventilation, a critical component of new roofs and part of the modern building regulation requirements.

Without proper ventilation timbers can be damaged by sweating, damp, and fungi causing both wet & dry rot.

Weather Sealed offer a 25 year guarantee on all new roofs.

Installed to meet the new building regulations, fitted with breathable underfelt, compliant with all British Standards.


  • Old roof and any rotten timber removed
  • Meets latest building regs
  • Meets British Standards
  • Utilises breathable underfelt
  • Improves property value
  • Peace of mind
  • 25 year warranty 

Our aim is to provide an unparalleled level of quality at a fair price. Whether you require a minor roofing repair or a complete new roof to your property, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of service. 

We always:-

  • Provide a free estimate
  • Provide a detailed written quotation
  • Carry out all works quoted for
  • Use only fully qualified tradesmen
  • Fully complete the work to the highest standard
  • Leave your property clean and tidy
  • Charge you the amount quoted

We never:-

  • Charge a call out fee
  • Begin work without your agreement
  • Carry out additional work without your agreement
  • Use unskilled workers
  • Leave a substandard or incomplete job
  • Charge for "unforseen" extras

Commonly used roofing materials

Concrete Roof Tiles

The most cost effective form of roof tiling. Available in a wide range of profiles and colours. Most manufacturers offer a 30-50 year roofing tile guarantee.

 Clay Pan Tiles

Available in machine made or hand made in natural or weathered finish. A more traditional look than concrete roofing tiles, but a little more expensive.

 Slate Tiles

Available from the UK or imported from Spain, China, Brazil or Canada and typically grey, blue/black or green in colour.

Quality and price can vary significantly, but a good roofing slate with last over 100 years.


pitched1.jpgFlat to Pitched Roof Conversion

Expert Conversion

Weather Sealed are experts in converting existing flat roofs to pitched.

Call us for a no obligation quotation.

Improve your property, enhance your home.

Eliminate leaky old flat roofs permanently.

We provide a complete service from concept, through design to completion, you can trust us to look after the whole project.

Read on for more details:

Flat roofs can for a number of reasons be problematic, not to mention the overall aesthetic appearance of them, looking sometimes characterless and bland.

The construction involved in changing a flat roof into a pitched roof is a relatively simple one, but one that i'm sure will alter the look of your home for the better.

Each flat to pitch roof conversion once the timber work is complete can be slated or tiled in the same style as your property making it appear as though it's always been a part of your home.

Weather Sealed specialise in this type of roof alteration, we provide a professional service from concept to completion.

We will take care of everything from design, to implementation and completion of all works.

Benifits include:

  • Controlled rain run off
  • Less maintainance
  • Traditional appearance
  • Enhanced looks
  • Permanent repair
  • Increases property value


Despite the quality of flat roofing systems available now, many of our customers require their old flat roofs converting into pitched roofs - eliminating any future worries.

Flat-to-Pitch Over-Roofing System Construction

A Flat-to-Pitch light-gauge, roof framing system is widely used to convert conventional flat roof buildings to a more attractive pitched roof, without imposing undue load on the existing structure.

This is a proven method of providing a pitched over-roof refurbishment solution for existing flat roof buildings.

Kingspan Roof Tile complements this method by providing a complete change to the visual appearance of the building’s form, thus enhancing the aesthetics and property value. The application of the Kingspan Roof Tile panel on roof pitches down to 12° can make a building’s ‘site line’ and ridge level less obtrusive.

This can be an important planning factor, particularly within urban and other sensitive areas.

Other traditional timber, felt and slate systems can be used, please ask us for advice on what will be the most cost effective method of changing your flat roof to pitched.