Dry Verge

verge1.jpgWe specialise in fitting the new dry verge system for gable ends. Manufactured and highly recommended by all major building supplies.

You may or may not have seen this product before.

If you would like to read below, it will explain all the advantages you would have on your property.

Maintenance free dry verge systems

The dry roof offers specifiers, designers and fixers the following benefits over mortar bedding:

Benefits include:

•    Mechanically fixed to resist the highest wind forces likely to occur in the UK
•    Maintenance - free
•    Allows all weather laying and fixing
•    Eliminates the problems associated with mortar
•    Quick and simple to lay and fix
•    Provides a consistent attractive finish

verge3.jpgOutstanding resistance to wind uplift and penetration

  • Fast and easy to fit in all weather conditions
  • Compatible with most types of interlocking concrete tiles
  • Special design features
  • Exceptionally secure

The number of storms battering the UK every year is increasing - and with this there's a growing realisation of the unreliability of using mortar to secure vulnerable areas of the roof such as the verge.

The Manthorpe Fast Fit Dry Verge System has been designed to provide an extremely cost effective alternative that avoids all of the long term maintenance problems - and costs - associated with mortar bedding.

Securing tiles to the roof whilst preventing wind uplift and providing exceptional resistance to water penetration, the system is extremely fast and easy to fit.

No special tools - or skills - are required, because the process is mechanical, bad weather isn't a problem - fitting can take place even in wet or frosty conditions, once fitted the system is extremely secure.

Forget about mixing and all of the mess, inconvenience and subsequent problems that come with using mortar.

With the Manthorpe Fast Fit Dry Verge System you have an alternative that saves you time, increases your efficiency and delivers significant benefits to our customers.

The Manthorpe Smartverge Fast Fit Dry Verge System has been independently wind tunnel tested by the BRE.

Testing complies with the requirements of BS6339-2 1997 Code of Practice for wind loads.

The complete system

System specifications

  • Suits most makes and profiles of concrete interlocking tiles
  • For batten gauges between 280mm and 345mm
  • Suitable for roofs between 15 and 55 degrees pitch
  • Secures tiles to roof preventing wind uplift problems
  • Exceptional resistance to water penetration
  • Long term UV resistance prevents discolouring from exposure to sunlight
  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects
  • Complies with BS5534 requirements for a mechanical fixing
  • Complies with requirements of BS6399-2 1997 code of practice for wind loads
  • Complies with NHBC standards chapter 7.2 pitched roofs D8, S11 and S12
  • Easy to fix and maintenance free